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Our latest edition Minecraft Panel.
Minecraft Server Game Panel
Minecraft Server One-Click Plugins
Minecraft Server One-Click Mods
Minecraft Server Properties MOTD
Built for owners. By owners.

We have designed and built a brand new control panel. Made by server owners, for server owners. There's so many new features to start your own successful Minecraft server, or to simply setup and play with friends.

The foundation is built to be quick and light weight. While the UI (user interface) is designed to allow incredible transparency and customizability to your server.

Graphs and dials update real-time showing server information. You will see if those 9001 TNT are using up any RAM!

But there's much more, keep reading :)

Thats cool.

We want you to say, "wow, now that's cool." And in today's booming world of technology it's hard to impress! Check this out.

Want a Minecraft plugin? You got it! With a click of a button you have access to THOUSANDS of Bukkit plugins, just one-click away.

Explore every plugin available today, like Essentials.. Chest Shop.. Vault.. Jobs.. and instantly have access to every version ever made.

It's really that simple, and really.. THAT cool.

Click. Done.

You've been wow'd (hopefully)! Take a deep breath because there is more.

Mods are a pain in the butt to downloads and install. So we've made it simple.

Just like plugins you have instant access to every Minecraft Mod & version available.

Browse by compatibility, popularity, release date, most liked and more. You'll have fun with these :)

Easy stuff.

Running a successful Minecraft server is tough, so we made it a 'bit easier.

Your operations will greatly improve with our powerful servers, and easy to manage settings.

We have built in a MOTD creator. Updating your server has never been so easy, and fun!

Access to player count, world settings, and server properties all on the main page.

What else can you ask for? (actually let us know... maybe we'll add it!)

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